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Litterbug Tidy-Up

Evening time can often be chaotic, and a bit challenging, with four tired cranky little people (and a tired Mama). To get the wiggles out before bed, we often go for walks and take along a trash bag (and a recycling bag, too) and our “grabbers”. This is a slow way to walk, but keeps […]

Re-enchanting the Ordinary

Some days the enchantment is easier to find than others. Amidst the mundane blur of laundry and cooking and tidying and baths, and through the frightening moments of braving the dark of cancer, there are moments of joy, bursts of love, and glimpses of hope. From the outside, it may seem endearing, those endless questions […]

Seeds of Consent

Consent. “Permission for something to happen or be done: agreement about an opinion or about something that will happen or be done. (Webster Dictionary, 2018) I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about this concept, this social construct, this skill that I, myself, am still trying to learn while I am also now responsible […]

Helping Hands

It all started out with the creative chalk drawings during out outside time. While we were making our grand creations of tracing someone and then decorating them, a man in a wheelchair, along with his dog, rolled past us. The littles immediately noticed him and called out inviting them to play. As with most young […]

Dinner and Shopping

“Wow! Only two of them?! We can do ANYTHING we want!!” This was my first thought yesterday, as the boys were off getting their haircut and I found that I had an unexpected opportunity for time with just the girls.   You see, the planning, or rather the flexibility of navigating the unexpected, that goes […]

Our New Normal

The past few weeks have been busy adjusting to that gut-wrenching news of advanced stages of cancer. Every time I start to write, I end up teary and unable to see the words. Our world has been topsy-turvy as we navigate the recovery from surgery and the preparation for chemotherapy. At our first meeting to […]