I have found that my road in life is often muddy and wildly adventurous. I believe in living life as joyously as possible, despite, or many even because, of the barriers or risks that may be along the way. This site is a way for you to join in on some of those adventures with me. The stories I have to tell are about parenting (I have a four year old and triplet two year olds), about tending to both personal relationships and work interests, and about  experiences that help me to contribute to a more compassionate world. Some of the stories are quite serious and delve into topics that are difficult for most of us to have dialogue, and some of them have a more light-hearted, playful feel.

Enjoy! I am happy to connect with you, too. You can email me at dmlung@muddybootsadventures.net or find me on Facebook @MuddyBootsAdventures.