Litterbug Tidy-Up

Evening time can often be chaotic, and a bit challenging, with four tired cranky little people (and a tired Mama). To get the wiggles out before bed, we often go for walks and take along a trash bag (and a recycling bag, too) and our “grabbers”. This is a slow way to walk, but keeps us very busy along the way!

Henry (age 6): Mother Earth really can breath so much better when we pick up the trash sticking to her.

Tonight’s walk took us to a graveyard. Their curiosity about people’s names and lives was endless. They patted and hugged tombstones, comforting them as if they were their cuddly stuffed animals. Their innocence allowed them to be curious about death and they seemed genuinely happy to know there have been people before us. It definitely kept me on my toes answering existential question for four year olds!

Alexandra (age 4): Mama, when we say their name, it helps them to be remembered, and that makes their hearts so happy.

As we walked away, they waved and called out good night:

George (age 4): Good night, new friends. I love you! Don’t go anywhere, so I will know how to find you and visit you again.

Victoria (age 4): Now you don’t have to become a zombie or a ghost because we found you and you can be our friend anytime you want!

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