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Play as Our Teacher

Amidst all of the recent turmoil, I remind myself of an article that I read recently about how serious play enhances social empathy. I feel this way about adventure days with my littles. Our latest adventure was visiting the Florida State Fair for some local fun and exploration. I am very aware of our limited […]

Toddler Valentine

This is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day pictures. Henry was just barely two years old. When asked, he told the photographer that “my babies are my Valentines.” As their mama, I know that my love will help them feel secure. At this tender age, I know that I am vital for their well-being. I […]

My Heart is Cracked

These unexpected moments of pure childhood compassion take my breath away. Recently, poor weather conditions apparently led to a collision between a bird and our car. Henry (age 5) found it caught in the car grill. It was already dead. He began to cry, uncontrollably shaking, until finally he choked out, “This is the most […]

Words Matter

I’m still shaken by the recent H&M marketing campaign. Despite the defensive posts that I read about how, purportedly, “Children don’t really understand these things. It doesn’t matter what they wear.” Granted, understanding may be vastly different than the depth of experience and historical knowledge of adults, but my littles are becoming more and more […]

Milk Shake Messes

Adventure Day started with a heavy heart. Another crack created by the vengefulness of fear and hate. I could feel the chaos and taste the panic as people waited to find out if it was their loved one that was killed or hurt. This is a familiar I never wanted. And it is familiar for […]